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Customer Testimonial

"Things were a little slow getting started but once underway, everything was fine. I appreciated having Gary bring the estimate by the house for a signature. Excellent workmanship and attention to detail." - DW, Mount Vernon



Customer Testimonial

"The guys did a great job. I would recommend Savage Roofing to anyone and will continue to do so." - RB, Anacortes

Our Service

Our system

Why are systems important to you?  Systems are the backbone to any successful business and are necessary to ensure longevity.  The roofing industry is especially notorious for in-experienced companies.  The problem is a good roofer with good meaning will start a business with no planning or systems in place to handle paperwork, accounting, payroll, taxes, administrative needs, contracts, quality control on multiple jobs, etc.  All though they have good intensions, and may be good roofers, without the systems in place that come from experience these companies are usually short lived.  Eight out of Ten are out of business within the first 5 years. 

Consultation:(1st meeting)  This is a meeting between you and one of our Project Manager’s. We will discuss your roofing needs, establish a scope of work, and discuss material options.  Our main objective is to establish a scope of work, your budget, and the feasibility of meeting your criteria.  Your Project Manager will then begin researching your project, and put together options and numbers for your next meeting. 

2nd Meeting:  Your Project Manager now has some options, numbers, and a detailed proposal that will be presented to you and your spouse.  If you are comfortable with your Project Manager, scope of work, and our company we will give you some scheduling options.

Production:  Production begins as soon as we receive your approval on the paperwork.  Materials are secured, crews are locked in, job folders are reviewed by field supervisor, project manager, and foreman. A final site visit may be needed to answer some final questions. 

Job Starts:  Savage Roofing will contact you with plenty of notice before your project begins.  By now you will know approximately how long your roofing project will take, and should have made most of your material selections.  Your customer preparation list should have been communicated, and necessary living arrangements made.  Savage Roofing is dedicated to communication with you, throughout your project. 

Construction:  Savage Roofing will complete your project according to manufacture’s specifications, building codes, and property standards. You will be updated on progress, schedule, and change orders throughout the roofing process.

Walkthrough:  Although we are very thorough and usually 100% complete, our goal is to make a lasting impression on you.  When your roof is nearing its end, your foreman will do a walkthrough with you.  During the walkthrough you will point out any concerns that you might have about your roof.  If there are any they will promptly be addressed.

Customer Evaluation:  Savage Roofing will leave you with a customer evaluation form that can be filled out and sent in, or left with any of our employees.  This is how you rate us, please be honest and thorough.  These forms are our best tool for measuring, and evaluating the growth of our company.   We want you to refer Savage Roofing the next time someone mentions roofing.


Why is it important to you?  Quality control, and Safety are the most important reasons for supervising a project.  Most homeowners are not up on their roofs watching every nail, or piece of flashing being installed, and probably wouldn’t know what to look for anyway.  To ensure that you actually get what you paid for we supervise every project.  It could also end up costing you if someone were to fall off of your roof, which is why we have a no tolerance safety policy in place.

Every Savage Roofing project has three levels of supervision: Project Supervisor, Project Manager, and foreman. Your main contact during the project is your Project Manager. Your Project Supervisor, and Project Manager will plan, schedule, and manage delivery of supplies/equipment and personnel to your project.  They will prepare and supervise the foreman and his crew during the project.  They are experts in all aspects of the roofing business and will check daily on job progress. They will notify you of any developments or concerns during the process. Any questions or concerns about scheduling or processes during your project should be directed toward your Project Manager.

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